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The Hindustan–Pakistan Border, known locally as the International Border (IB), is the international boundary between the Republic of India and Pakistan that demarcates the Indian states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat from the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh except for Kashmir that is disputed (Line of Control).

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India are o zonă de coastă cu o lungime de 7000 de km și granițe cu Pakistan la vest, Nepal, Republica Populară Chineză și Bhutan la nord-est, și Bangladesh și Myanmar la est. În Oceanul Indian, ea este adiacentă cu țările insulare Sri Lanka, Maldive și Indonezia.

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Pakistan, India. Pakistan ( Hindi: पाकिस्तान, Urdu: پاکِستان‬ ‎) is a village in the Purnia district of Bihar, India. The village was named "Pakistan" in the memory of the Muslim residents who migrated in 1947 to what was then called East Pakistan. At the time the district bordered East Pakistan.

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India has seven neighbours: Pakistan in the north-west, China and Nepal in the north, Bhutan and Bangladesh in the north-east, Myanmar in the east and Sri Lanka, an island, in the south. The capital of India is New Delhi. India is a peninsula, bound by the Indian Ocean in the south, the Arabian Sea on the west and Bay of Bengal in the east.

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The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 was a military conflict between India and Pakistan. Lasting just 13 days, it is considered one of the shortest wars in history. During the war, Indian and Pakistani forces fought on the eastern and western fronts. The war effectively came to an end after the Eastern Command of the Pakistani Ar

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Relations between India and Pakistan have been complex and largely hostile due to a number of historical and political events. Relations between the two states have been defined by the violent partition of British India in 1947, the Kashmir conflict and the numerous military conflicts fought between the two nations. Consequently, their relationship has been plagued by hostility and suspicion. Northern India and Pakistan somewhat overlap in areas of certain demographics, shared lingua francas and

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India Pakistan. India Pakistan is a 2015 Indian Tamil romantic comedy film written and directed by N. Anand. It features Vijay Antony and Sushma Raj in the leading roles, while Pasupathy plays a pivotal supporting role. The film, produced by Vijay Antony himself, was filmed by N. Om, director Anand's younger brother...

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The India–Pakistan Border, known locally as the International Border (IB), is an international border running between India and Pakistan that demarcates the Indian states and the Pakistani four provinces.

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India ke itihaas uu time se suruu hoe hae jab ki 500,000 saal pahle hian pe Homo erectus rahat rahin, Iske baad hian pe 75,000 saal pahile Homo sapiensrahe ke suruu karin. Indus Valley Civilization, jon ki Indian sub-continent ke northwestern hissa me c. 3300 se 1300 BCE talak rahaa, India ke pahila khaas civilization rahaa.

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Pakistan (Urdu: پاکستان ‎) South Asia ke ek des hae aur iske parrosi des hae India Iran, Afghanistan, aur China. Iske ek lamba coastline, south me Arabian Sea se hae. Iske south me Gulf of Oman, west me Afghanistan aur Iran, east me Republic of India aur northeast me People's Republic of China hae.

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Today Kashmir is split, as follows: The Republic of India controls the state of Jammu and Kashmir.It is made of the Jammu region, the Kashmir Valley, and Ladakh. Pakistan refers to this as Indian-occupied Kashmir, Indian-controlled Kashmir, Indian-annexed Kashmir, or Indian-held Kashmir.

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Hindi ke north India me dher log samjhe hai aur India bhar me iske bahut log samjhe hai. 1997 me ek survey me ii pawa gais ki India ke 66% log Hindi me baat kare sake hai. Hindi ke sab se common form Hindustani hai jisme dher sabd Dravidian bhasa, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, English, aur Portuguese bhasa se aais hai.

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History. It was taught across school and university levels, mainly in Punjab and Sindh. After the partition, most of these communities left for India; prominent Hindi writers with origins in Pakistan include Bhisham Sahni, Shailendra, Hullad Moradabadi, Uday Bhanu Hans, Narendra Mohan and others.

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India and Pakistan accused each other of ceasefire violations; India charged Pakistan with 585 violations in 34 days, while Pakistan countered with accusations of 450 incidents by India. In addition to the expected exchange of small arms and artillery fire, भारत reported that Pakistan utilized the ceasefire to capture the Indian village ...

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Urdu is spoken the same as present-day Hindi, but Hindi uses the traditional Devanagari script (a decedent of Sanskrit), whereas Urdu uses the Persio-Arabic alphabet. The poet Ghulam Hamadani Mushafi coined the term Urdu for this language in 1780. However, this began to alienate the two major cultures in India/Pakistan, the Muslims and Hindus.

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BackgroundEdit. The partition of India in 1947 led to the termination of most transport links between the newly independent nations of India and Pakistan after the cross-migration of people was completed by the 1950s. The First Kashmir War had similarly divided the Himalayan region of Kashmir between the two rivals,...

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The partition of Pakistan and India split British India into the countries of India and Pakistan in 1947. This partition was part of the end of British rule over the Indian subcontinent, called British Raj. The partition was caused in part by the two-nation theory presented by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, due to presented religious issues.

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Hindus comprise approximately 1.85% of Pakistan's population in one study but according to the Pakistan. Hinduism is the second largest religion in Pakistan after Islam. As of 2010, Pakistan had the fifth largest Hindu population in the world and PEW predicts that by 2050 Pakistan will have the fourth largest Hindu population in the world.

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Indians in Pakistan include Indian citizens residing, working or studying as expatriates in Pakistan, Indian emigrants to Pakistan (post-independence era), Indian spouses married to Pakistanis, as well as Indians who have become naturalised Pakistani citizens and other people of Indian origin in Pakistan.

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The Jammu and Kashmir conflict (Hindi: कश्मीर विवाद, Urdu: مسئلہ کشمیر ‎) is a dispute over the territory of Kashmir. The dispute is between India and Pakistan. India claims all of the region that was once a princely state.

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Republik bilong India i wanpela kantri bilong Saut Esia. Long not-westen sait, em i gat arere wantaim Pakistan, long not-isten sait wantaim Nepal, Bhutan na Saina, na long isten sait wantaim Bangladesh na Burma. Kapitol bilong India emi New Delhi. Tok ofisel bilong India i Hindi. Referens

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